From my sketchbook

Pepper is the other main character for the children’s book I’m working on - this is the first illustration I’ve done for her, but plan on trying out some others as well.

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Still trying to come up with the right look for a character.  This is yet another attempt that doesn’t work - I bought a new sketchbook on Saturday and it’s already half-full, mostly of different ideas for this character - her name is Ruby, she’s 8-10 years old, an only child who lives in the countryside, she loves animals and spends a lot of time outside telling stories to the animals in her backyard, she loves swimming on the pond in her yard, is usually messy either from playing outside or from painting/art projects, she has a big imagination and loves throwing parties for her animal friends.

A Sailor’s Life

Work in progress - next step, adding textures/shadows to give it a little more atmosphere and not quite be so flat.

Bunny Aquatica

Work in progress - watercolour, colored pencil & ink

Well, the character IS a child and they’re obviously stylized, so I’m not really too worried about how realistic they appear at this point - it’s more the faces that I’m focused on right now, since that’s the most essential bit to get right/child-like.

fraeuleinkuchen replied to your photo “Working on a children’s book and trying to come up with what the main…”

The problem is, beside rhey’re way too skinny, they have this lollipop look. Only children and anorexic look like this.

Working on a children’s book and trying to come up with what the main character will look like and having so much trouble drawing a character that actually looks like a child and not a smaller adult.  Here are two of my attempts from my sketchbook - neither is really right for the character, though, so back to the drawing board.

Odds ‘n ends from my sketchbook

Golden variation of Athena for Illustration Friday

Athena, Goddess of Wisdom - from my sketchbook

A little family

By request - a griffin

I need a break after sitting at my computer working on two websites for the past 3 hours (so much to do and never enough time to get it done!) and drawing/sketching always helps when it comes to relaxing & taking a break. SO I will ask all you lovely followers, do you have any ideas for something you’d like to see me draw? I’ll get to as many as I can, but obviously I can’t promise I’ll get to them all.  Things I’m most likely to draw are:

  • animals
  • nature stuff
  • fashion sketches
  • monsters
  • birds, birds & more birds
  • sci-fi & science things

You can reply to this or send me an ask if you have a suggestion! I hope everyone’s having a good weekend - oh and I also wanted to say how amazing it is that I had my first illustration reach 10,000 reblogs/likes this week! So thank you for following me because it makes what would otherwise be a somewhat lonely enterprise of creating art by myself into something that is much more like a community.